Mission Statement:

    ScriptTiger strives to make computers a more work-friendly technology for hard-working people. With data growing more and more abundant, smaller budget organizations or individuals must find a way to traverse all of their data without having to spend exorbitant prices for custom software to generate reports or just find the information they need when they need it without having an IT professional or data scientist at their disposal or having to spend days, weeks, or months copying and pasting data from one form to another. ScriptTiger's goal is to empower individuals in the workplace to get the data they need in the way they need it by having only the fewest prerequisites possible to ensure that no matter where they move to in their organization, what software may or may not be approved, or what degree of techncal know-how they can still do their job in the most efficient way possible. With workplace environments and simplicity in mind, ScriptTiger focuses on Windows command line and batch file scripting, but does touch on linking to individual third-party utilities (primarily things like using cURL or Wget for HTTP/HTTPS and PuTTY for Telnet/SSH), Cygwin, and PowerShell in certain situations to access data sources or other functionality otherwise not available while keeping the core of the execution logic contained within the basic Windows command processor environment.

    While most scripters have come to rely on languages like Python across operating systems, it doesn't come standard on Windows and may not be authorized in certain work environments. The goal of ScriptTiger is to empower you with the knowledge of the standard Windows command processor and how to use it to make true native Windows scripts instead of bringing over other languages to do its job without sacrificing the functionality you need to get the job done. The inherent simplicity of the Windows command line makes it easier to learn than other languages, but also lends itslef to the misconception that this simplicity limits its abilities in some way. To the contrary, after truly taking the time to understand the fundamentals, you will soon realize that the simplicity offers you the ability to think about what needs to be done in more bite-sized pieces and allows these pieces to work together in more complex functions. If you are new to scripting, or just programming in general, remembering to take things slow and thinking about the steps needed to accomplish something should always be top of mind, as it's easy to get overwhelmed by the thought of a complex task that seemingly has no clear solution.

    Although ScriptTiger covers many topics with the intent to educate, ScriptTiger also produces many ready-to-use example scripts and lookup tables that may also be useful for those wanting to accomplish the task but not necessarily learn how it's done. While most of the ScriptTiger scripts relate to networking, there may be other sripts which relate to other topics of interest arising from community feeback, such as scripts for gaming and even some Excel VBScript for extended data mining and reporting.