DualServer Blacklists & Extras

Below are blacklists and other helpful links and tools for DualServer, the highly configurable and scalable Windows/Linux DNS/DHCP server. If the latest official Windows releases are not working for you, please try the unofficial ScriptTiger fork of an earlier version. The unoffificial ScriptTiger fork releases provide portable archives without the need to install as well as come in both Win32 and Win64 varieties. A shout-out to the Brians, Prodoehl and Lutz, over in the Connectify crew for developing that fork over the years!

The blacklists are reformatted versions of Steven Black's unified hosts files and are synced regularly.

Combining Steven Black's Unified Hosts with DualServer allows anyone from small home networks hosting DualServer on a regular old PC to a larger corporate infrastructure with multiple server blades and relay agents to block everything from sidebar ads, annoying YouTube video ads, banner ads, coin miners, and even some invisible embedded analytics trying to gather more information about you for all connected devices using your DualServer DNS service, including laptops, mobile phones, PCs, Macs, Linux, whatever. The other files add onto the core Unified Hosts additional blocks.

If you'd like a way to more quickly and easily update your DualServer's blacklist to the most recent versions of Steven Black's unified hosts files, try the ScriptTiger unified hosts updater.

While the blacklists will work for anyone running DualServer, the Updater is only for Windows users. If you download the above ZIP file and extract the contents to your DualServer root, the same directory as your DualServer.ini, it can update your DualServer for you depending on your preferences without requiring you to manually download and configure anything. Just insert #### BEGIN UNIFIED HOSTS #### and #### END UNIFIED HOSTS #### into the [DNS_HOSTS] section of the DualerServer.ini and run Blacklist_Update.cmd. After you have inserted the beginning and ending tags, if you run the script again it will automatically replace everything between them with the new blacklist. If you plan to always use the same blacklist, you can edit the "URL" variable at the top of the script with the direct URL of the blacklist you prefer and this will bypass having to be prompted for your preferences later.

Note: A blacklist should be used together with other security measures to be more effective. For instance, a network user could simply change their device's currently configured DNS to get around blacklisting. It's also common for Android devices to automatically use Google DNS as a fallback if they cannot resovle quieries from the DNS servers currently configured on the device either manually or via DHCP. One simple way to make your network slightly more secure would be since your local DNS is on your LAN side, you could therefore configure your network equipment to block requests made by any LAN device other than your server to any server on port 53 on the WAN side to ensure DNS requests can only be made to your local server.

To use these blacklists with DualServer you can either copy and paste their contents under the [DNS_HOSTS] section of the DualServer.ini or simply direct DualServer to the downloaded blacklist file using @blacklist.txt (or whatever the blacklist file name is) directly under the [DNS_HOSTS] section of the DualServer.ini. Please note, however, if you decide to direct DualServer to a file, the "@" line should be the first line in the [DNS_HOSTS] section of the DualServer.ini and all entries for the section must then come from the directed file.

Hosts File Type
Unified hosts = (adware + malware) Raw
Unified hosts + fakenews Raw
Unified hosts + gambling Raw
Unified hosts + porn Raw
Unified hosts + social Raw
Unified hosts + fakenews + gambling Raw
Unified hosts + fakenews + porn Raw
Unified hosts + fakenews + social Raw
Unified hosts + gambling + porn Raw
Unified hosts + gambling + social Raw
Unified hosts + porn + social Raw
Unified hosts + fakenews + gambling + porn Raw
Unified hosts + fakenews + gambling + social Raw
Unified hosts + fakenews + porn + social Raw
Unified hosts + gambling + porn + social Raw
Unified hosts + fakenews + gambling + porn + social Raw

Other helpful Links:

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